Setting up a company with „“

In November 2017 the new online desk „“ was launched by the Swiss government. The purpose of this desk is an electronic access to different public authorities to reduce the administrative tasks for companies. The project was supported by the Swiss Federation, the Cantons and the Communities. The online desk provides an access to the…

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VAT risks for holding companies in Switzerland

Holding companies in Switzerland are generally not subject to Value Added Taxes (VAT), because they generate revenues from subsidiaries which do not qualify as a “payment” under VAT. However, according to the Federal Tax Administration (FTA), holdings with substantial assets might generate revenues with VAT without being aware of it. Holding companies usually provide services…

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Proposal to simplify EU tax system

Since 2011 the European Union (EU) has been planning to implement a Common Corporate Tax Base (CCTB) in order to simplify the European tax system. Companies who operate Europe-wide are confronted with a wide diversity of different taxations in each member state. The planned approach with the CCTB intends to apply a standard taxable base…

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