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There are many trustees, including tax advisors. Experts can be found everywhere, and they all convey competence. Choosing the right trustee and tax advisor can turn into a search for the needle in the famous haystack. It goes without saying that we attach great importance to competence and we continue to educate ourselves. It goes without saying that we have fair and, above all, transparent tariffs.

What sets us apart: We are your partner for all your trust and tax needs. We accompany and advise you, your company and your family pro-actively and holistically, across generations and national borders.

Noticeably effective services

Your needs, wishes and individual requirements are our top priority. Whether in the field of tax advice, auditing, corporate, fiduciary or legal advice: all of our services are tailored to your company or your requirements. This creates effective and efficient results, which mean competitive advantages for you and your company.

Consulting experience with individual solutions

Every company and every situation is different and therefore needs its own and optimally coordinated solutions. This is exactly what we can offer you: we expand our own competencies as required by a flexible, well-structured network of professionals. This is how you get the best solution for your concern.

The Contaxa check
Unsure whether you are getting the best from your trustee or want to get a second opinion? Together we will shed light on all of the topics that are relevant to you in a confidential discussion. We show you any problem areas and possible options for action, identify potential dangers and analyze your current situation. We would be happy to make you a non-binding offer afterwards.

We cannot buy your trust, we can only win it. Talk to us and get to know us. We look forward to you.

Urs Schätti

"We have an individual solution for every challenge."

The Contaxa team

Urs Schätti

Certified Tax expert
Certified Fiduciary Expert
Master of Advanced Studies FH in
Fiduciary and business consulting

T +41 41 726 00 46

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Fawad Amini

Member of the Executive Board
Certified Fiduciary Expert
Master of Advanced Studies FH in Fiduciary and Management Consulting
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

T +41 41 726 00 46

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Nadine Kienle

Member of the Executive Board
Head of Administration / HR
Payroll Manager
Fiduciary & Taxes employee
T +41 41 726 00 46
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Stephan Metz

Certified Tax expert

T +41 41 726 00 46

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Sabrina Hauri

Mandate manager 
Certified Fiduciary Expert
Trustee with federal FA

T +41 41 726 00 46

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Nicola Peter

Employee trust, tax & auditing
Trustee with federal Qualification

T +41 41 726 00 46

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Dolores Stöckli

Administration, fiduciary & taxes

T +41 41 726 00 46

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Angela Koch

Employee Fiduciary, Taxes & Auditing
Finance and Accounting Specialist

T +41 41 726 00 46

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"Tax advice means looking ahead."

Our services:

Tax advice


Business consulting

Legal advice

Bookkeeping and Fiduciary

We offer you all services in a flexible outsourcing model: You decide when you want to provide which services yourself or obtain them from us. This makes you flexible in resource planning and gives you the certainty of being able to fall back on our capacities at any time.

"Legal support is key."


For Contaxa AG, the culture and language that is lived in the company is very important. That is why they joined the German-speaking WIRAS association in 2013. The WIRAS network connects over 210 law firms in 170 cities and in 44 countries around the world. The association has existed for over 30 years. We would like to introduce ourselves:

You can find out more about the German-speaking association of tax consultants, auditors and lawyers on the following website:

"Knowledge is a head start."

Our blog posts

Knowledge means a head start. Of the  The area of tax and financial legislation is very dynamic. We stay on the ball for you and inform you here regularly about innovations or changes that affect you or that may have an impact on your company.

Tax changes 2022

Tax law undergoes changes every year; Among other things, the...

"The whole thing is more ..."

The whole thing is more than the sum of its parts. Aristotle already knew that. That is why we work with partner companies on a case-by-case basis in order to be able to offer you services from a single source, we are members of various associations and maintain a professional exchange with offices and authorities.

ExpertSuisse membership:

Zurich law firm:

Zurich law firm:

International association of tax consultants:

Federal Tax Administration (FTA):

Social Insurance Institution Zug (SVA):

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Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO):

AbaNinja (Business Software):

"We look forward to you."

Whether you are an entrepreneur or responsible for the finances in a company, whether you are a private person, from here or from abroad – that is of secondary importance to us. First and foremost, you are our customer, who is advised by us with pleasure and competence. With our many years of experience, we are your partner and service provider for all financial, tax and legal matters.

We look forward to your call or contact.

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