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Accountants there are many, tax advisers too. Experts are present everywhere and they all convey expertise. The choice of the proper accountant and tax adviser can easily turn into the famous search for a needle in a haystack. Of course, we place great emphasis on expertise and further education. And of course, we particularly have fair and transparent tariffs.

What sets us apart is: We are your partner for all your needs in the area of accountancy and tax. We accompany and advise you, your business and your family, in a pro-active and integrated approach across generations and national borders.

Your trust is priceless, we can only gain it. Get in touch with us to find out how we can be of service to you. We look forward to hearing from you!


«We offer a bespoke solution to meet every challenge.»

Noticeably effective services

Your needs, wishes and individual requirements are of first priority to us. Be this in the area of tax consultancy; auditing services; company, accounting or legal consultancy: all our services are modulated to your company or your needs. This creates effective and efficient results, which for you and your business mean a competitive advantage.

Individual solutions

Every business and every situation is different and therefore requires its own and optimally modulated attuned solutions. And this is precisely what we can offer you: if needed, we simply extend our own competences with a flexible well-structured network of professionals. Thus, you receive the best solution for your requirements.

The Contaxa Check

Are you unsure if you receive the best service from your accountant or would you like to obtain a second opinion? Together with you, we will examine the topics which are relevant to you in a confidential meeting. Thereby, we show you eventual problem areas and possible courses of action, name potential risks and analyse your current situation. Following this, we happily make you a non-binding offer.

The Contaxa-Team


Urs Schätti, Partner
Swiss Certified Tax Expert
Certified Fiduciary, Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education
Master of Advanced Studies FH in Treuhand und Unternehmensberatung
T +41 43 344 62 32
Fawad Amini

Dipl. Treuhandexperte
Master of Advanced Studies FH in
Treuhand und Unternehmensberatung
Bachelor of Science in Betriebsökonomie

T +41 41 726 00 46

Alessandro Holik
T +41 41 726 00 46

Nadine Kienle
Back Office Administrator
T +41 41 726 00 46
Walter Pfyl
Certified Fiduciary, Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education
Certified Accountant
T +41 43 344 62 32
Sabrina Wenk
Certified Fiduciary, Federal Diploma of Higher Education
T +41 43 344 62 32

«Tax consultancy means foresight.»

Our Services for Businesses:


Tax Consultancy

We consult and guide companies sector-independent in national and international corporate tax law (corporate profit tax, tax on capital, withholding tax, stamp duty and turnover tax). Another part of our services is consultation in value added tax (VAT) and customs matters.

You decide to what extent you want use our services. If requested, we not only elaborate bespoke tax concepts for your business, but we also realise them legally and accompany their business-operational implementation. The decision to make or buy is yours – this offers you a greater flexibility.

– Foundation and domiciliation of companies
– Analysis of tax situation (opportunities and risks; health checks)
– National and international tax law
– Tax compliance for SME and groups, including self-employed individuals and social security tax (among others reorganisation such as mergers, transformations, etc.)
– Application for tax rulings, implementation of tax due diligence
– Reorganisations and financial recovery
– Property gains tax
– Tax declarations, valuations, representation towards tax authorities, auditing and appeal procedures
– Prevention and compliance consultation for criminal code of tax offences (including voluntary disclosure)
– VAT consultation and compliance
– Tax at source
– Special tax (among others withholding tax, stamp duty, etc.)
– Fiscal representation for foreign companies


As legal auditors (licensed audit expert according to Art. 727b CO), we carry out the audit of the annual financial statement. We issue management letters and audit consolidated financial statements as well as capital decreases and increases and formation reports. Furthermore, the realisation and supervision of liquidations, financial recovery and mergers of companies as well as preparation of due diligence and evaluation reports are also part of our services.

We offer you reliable security in regards to your annual financial statement and calculate for you, personally and practically relevant, the financial opportunities and risks from an overall and integrated perspective.

– Limited statutory examination
– Formation audit with contributions in kind respectively subsequent acquisition of assets
– Audit of conditional and approved capital increase
– Audit of capital reduction
– Audit of premature distribution of assets in case of liquidation
– Audit of interim financial balance sheets with loss of capital and insolvency
– Special audits in line with Swiss merger act
– Due diligence audit when purchasing a company

Business Consultancy

To make the right decisions as an entrepreneur and business owner you have to take into account all the internal and external factors. The successful development of your business requires creative ideas, high attention to detail and current knowledge. In doing so, we support you and your business in all phases of the company cycle: from the first business idea to the sale or liquidation.

In a crisis situation it is essential to have a partner at your side who can act in a quick, straightforward and effective way and contribute to the substantial preservation of your company.

– Domiciliation in Switzerland
– Creation of business plan / budget
– Due diligence
– Company foundation
– Reorganisation according to merger law (merger, demerger, asset transfer)
– Succession planning (amongst others verification of legal questions and corporate forms, planning of retirement arrangements, analysis of tax and financial situation, support by discussing purchasing and selling as well as drafting of contracts)
– Partition of inheritance, inventory of assets
– Rehabilitation concepts
– Liquidation of a company


Accounting, year-end closing, communication with social securities as well as managing accounts receivable and accounts payable are vital activities that enable the financial and operative governance of your business. Yet these activities are not success factors of a business and can easily be executed by your accountant partner for excellent quality at a better price.

With over 15 years of experience, we offer you a wide expert knowledge in this field. We thereby guarantee you the best and professional support at attractive and transparent prices.

– Financial accounting: monthly, quarterly or annually
– Organisation and structure of your accounting
– Interim and annual financial statements
– Accounts receivable and accounts payable
– Reminder system and collection
– Operational accounting and cost accounting
– Payroll and social insurance (including SVA, etc.)
– Payroll accounting, payroll and personnel administration
– Securities accounting
– Treasury services
– Internal control system (ICS): Implementation and monitoring of co-operation with auditors
– Business plan
– Domiciliation of companies (holdings, domiciled and management companies)
– Real estate management with partner companies
– Financial and solvency / liquidity planning, budgeting
– Value added tax accounting / checks

We offer you all services in a flexible outsourcing model: You decide when you want to perform the services yourself and when you want to receive them from us. This offers you flexibility in the planning of resources and gives you the peace of mind to rely on our capacities any time you wish.

«Reaching financial goals means long-term planning.»

Our services for private clients:


Tax Consultancy

Almost in any economic relevant action, taxes and duties have a significant impact. Therefore, long-term planning and competent tax consultation is of importance in the private areas as well. We can help you as follows: Be advised in an proficient and extensive manner by an accomplished tax expert with national and international experience, thereby securing your personal financial security.

It is up to you if you would simply like us to advise you in tax questions or if you would like us to implement the concepts for you as well: you decide which services you need.

– Domiciliation of private individuals (relocation)
– Analysis of tax situation (opportunities and risks; health checks)
– National and international tax law
– Tax compliance for private individuals including self-employed individuals and social security tax
– Tax due diligence
– Tax declarations, valuations, representation toward tax authorities, appeal procedures
– Prevention and compliance consultation for criminal code of tax offences (including voluntary disclosure)
– Application for tax rulings
– Income and capital tax
– Planning, optimisation and representation in insurance law questions (consulting in social insurance questions and obtaining concessions from authorities)
– VAT consultation and compliance
– Tax at source
– Special tax (among others capital gains tax, stamp duty, etc.)
– Inheritance tax
– Property gains tax
– Fiscal representation for foreigners

Legal Advice

Together with competent partners we examine your legal situation and assist you in an advisory capacity

Whoever is in the right, can afford to remain calm. We can help you.

– Contract law
– Corporate Law
– Tax Law
– Business Law
– Attracting foreign companies + individuals
– Purchase of land
– Inheritances
– Will deliberations
– Executor mandates

«Knowledge is the advantage.»

Knowledge secures a competitive edge. The field of tax and financial legislation is highly dynamic. We keep up-to-date and inform you on a regular basis about reforms or changes that could effect you or have an impact on your business.

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«The whole is greater than the sum of its parts…»

«We look forward to hearing from you.»

Whether you are an entrepreneur or are responsible for the finances in your company, or whether you are a Swiss or foreign private person – this is of secondary importance to us. Firstly, and above all, you are our client whom it is a pleasure to advise with our expertise. With our long-standing experience we are your partner and service provider for all financial, tax and legal matters.

We look forward to hearing from you by phone or in writing.

Zürich Office

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Contaxa AG
In Gassen 14
CH-8001 Zürich
T +41 43 344 62 32
F +41 43 344 62 33


Zug Office

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Contaxa AG
Bahnhofstrasse 20
CH-6300 Zug
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